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Peppa Loves World Book Day

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What did Peppa say to George when he dressed as a dinosaur?

"You're always a dinosaur, George."

"Can I dress up as a dinosaur, too?"

"You look more like a frog than a dinosaur."

"Will you help me pick a costume, George?"


Question 2 of 3

Peppa raced off to the dressing-up box when ---.

Mummy Pig told her to try on all the costumes

George said he had made a special costume just for her

Daddy Pig told her to dress up as Snow White

she had the idea of dressing up as Robin Hood


Question 3 of 3

After Peppa's six books had been guessed, what did Madam Gazelle say?

It was time to read all the children's stories.

She was going to take the children to the new book shop.

The World Book Day party could now begin.

She wanted the children to guess her favourite book.


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Peppa Loves World Book Day
by Lauren Holowaty

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