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A Bear Called Paddington

Question 1 of 5

The Browns named Paddington after---.

A train station

Their home street in Chicago

The family dog that had died a few years ago

Mrs Brown's famous father


Question 2 of 5

On the way to the underground, Paddington, Judy and Mrs Brown---.

Were followed by dogs

Lost the money for their tickets

Stopped for ice cream

Got caught in a traffic jam


Question 3 of 5

What happened at the painting contest?

Mr Brown won first prize

Paddington got lost

Mrs Brown's purse was stolen

Judy fainted from the heat


Question 4 of 5

Why did Paddington sneak backstage at the theatre?

To talk to Sir Sealy Bloom

To take charge of opening and closing the curtain

To congratulate Sarah on her fine acting

To avoid paying for a seat


Question 5 of 5

How did Paddington keep afloat after he got caught by the tide?

He sat in his sand bucket

He used Judy's raft

He clung to a plastic milk jug

He did the back float until help came


Book cover for A Bear Called Paddington

A Bear Called Paddington
by Michael Bond

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