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A Dragon Realm Adventure

Question 1 of 5

While on "supercharged pest control", the friends were trying to ---.

take on a giant scorpion in Trafalgar Square

chase an electric eel-like beast down the River Thames

capture a mutant bat that was clinging to the Shard

battle a three-headed baby dragon


Question 2 of 5

When the Diamond Clan arrived, how did the sapphire dragon help the friends

by locking the scorpion in a diamond cocoon

by shattering the scorpion into a million diamond shards

by throwing a diamond pendant around the scorpion, which took control of it

by knocking the scorpion out with diamond powder


Question 3 of 5

After Billy made a deal with the Diamond Clan, which of these happened?

A phrase in Latin appeared on his arm.

Big Ben chimed, starting the countdown for the egg's rescue.

The ruby dragon gave him a magic compass.

Two portals opened, but only one was the right one to enter.


Question 4 of 5

After Xing supercharged her in the In-Between, Ling-Fei was able to ---.

hear something calling to her that was bursting with power

see the path the egg had taken while falling from the Dragon Realm

feel an invisible string pulling her in a direction into the unknown

fly through narrow passages that no one else could squeeze into.


Question 5 of 5

The friends finally found the egg when they ---.

became trapped in a spiderdragon's web

dug through the rubble of what had been Dragon Mountain

tried to sneak into a hydra's waterfall lair

began climbing out of the nest of a giant feathered dragon


Book cover for A Dragon Realm Adventure

A Dragon Realm Adventure
by Katie & Kevin Tsang

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