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Alex Rider Undercover: Four Secret Files

Question 1 of 5

In school, Alex was not looking forward to missing class in order to ---.

listen to Jasper Milvain MP's speech to the press with his fellow students

attend an urgent briefing with Mr Blunt at the MI6 Special Operations HQ

undertake a three-hour psych evaluation with John Crawley

meet the new classroom assistant he'd been assigned by Henry Bray


Question 2 of 5

Alex saved Milvain's life after realising the fake workman planned to what?

swing a steel girder through the air at him from a crane

detonate a demolition charge just behind his podium

run a bulldozer over his car as he prepared to drive off

drop a load of bricks on him from on top of the new block


Question 3 of 5

Before Ash killed John, Mrs Rothman had told him that ---.

he had to commit to the organisation without knowing who the target was

she would tell MI6 he was a mole if he didn't succeed within two days

his family would be killed if anything went wrong with the assassination

there was a Swiss bank account and new identity waiting for him


Question 4 of 5

A few weeks after whipping Ilya, how had Krakov taken revenge on Yasha?

He sabotaged Yasha's final exam in maths, stopping him going to Leningrad.

He fired Yasha's father, forcing the entire family to move to Siberia.

He paid a Mafia hitman to break in to Yasha's Moscow home and kill his dog.

He kidnapped Yasha and Ilya and tortured them, which led to Ilya's death.


Question 5 of 5

What reason did Monica give Yassen when claiming she wanted her sister dead?

She had stolen Monica's husband and now wanted to pay her off.

Their father had cut Monica out of his will after her sister lied to him.

Monica's baby had died when her sister was meant to be babysitting.

She was blackmailing Monica and planned to leak private photos.


Book cover for Alex Rider Undercover: Four Secret Files

Alex Rider Undercover: Four Secret Files
by Anthony Horowitz

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