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Baby Aliens Got My Teacher!

Question 1 of 5

Zach added to Izzy's list about Miss Jones after she---.

Waved her teddy bear through the air during a meditating session

Took something out of her teddy bear and put it in a drawer

Whispered in her teddy bear's ear during a lesson

Ignored the whole class and sewed a new eye onto her teddy bear


Question 2 of 5

How did Jodi and Zach think Miss Jones had become an alien?

A baby alien had been planted in her ear

A baby alien had kissed her

She had accidentally eaten baby alien food

She had been stung by a baby alien


Question 3 of 5

What did Izzy and friends see in the school office before they had to hide?

A sign-in sheet for Maisie, who they thought was absent

A mug on the desk that contained a green-coloured liquid

A tie of Mr Murphy's with stains on that looked like blood

A list of names from the children in their year with some crossed out


Question 4 of 5

Why did Izzy and friends leave their hiding place in the toilets?

To find scissors to decapitate the teddy

To rescue the rest of their classmates from Miss Jones

To sneak off to Zach's house and get his water pistols to shoot aliens with

To sink the teddy to the bottom of the school's pool


Question 5 of 5

What did Miss Jones reveal was inside her teddy bear?

A plastic heart that beat when pressed

A jewellery box from Tiffany and Co.

Bars of Bounty that she had stolen from the office ladies

Microwavable beads that made it into a heat pack


Book cover for Baby Aliens Got My Teacher!

Baby Aliens Got My Teacher!
by Pamela Butchart

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