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Bad Mermaids Meet the Witches

Question 1 of 5

What did Tiga notice about Peggy when they met on the steps of Linden House?

Her hair was whispering.

She was covered in scales.

She could only speak in Mermaid.

Her nose had turned green.


Question 2 of 5

After Arabella Cod went up the pipe, what did Fran tell Tiga?

They couldn't go back up until Arabella Cod returned.

The pipe had used up all its magic and needed a hundred-year rest.

Someone had latched onto Arabella Cod as she went up.

They needed to get back before the choir concert for Arabella Cod.


Question 3 of 5

What did Beattie say the winner of Catwalk Prawn would get?

a voucher to use on one thing in the department store

half a million sharpits, enough to pay for the pipe repairs

two tickets to the witch and mermaid party in Ritzy City

a brand-new clam car provided by the mermaids in Lobstertown


Question 4 of 5

Why was Beattie the first contestant to be kicked off Catwalk Prawn?

A fish ate her prawn after it was used as the prawn's hat.

Her souffle-hat for her prawn collapsed during the catwalk.

She was caught trying to steal Opal Eelsworth's prawn hat for herself.

The other contestants finished their hats in time, but she was too slow.


Question 5 of 5

Arabella Cod believed she had been given the "perfect gift" when she ---.

saw that the witches had all been turned into mermaids

put on the tiny witch hat Tiga had made for her prawn

heard the witches' loud explosions and thought they were fireworks

found the We Adore Your Prawn trophy in her bathtub


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Bad Mermaids Meet the Witches
by Sibeal Pounder

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