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Being an Ally

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To be a quiet ally for BIPOC authors, what has Dana pledged to do?

turn down participating in events where only white authors have been invited

highlight a BIPOC author's new book on her Twitter every book release day

donate to writer's groups that foster the talents of emerging BIPOC authors

stand up to white authors who use harmful language in their books


Question 2 of 5

Lizzie began pushing back against misdiagnoses at the time they ---.

got sent to a child psychiatrist, despite being in their late twenties

met another person who had seizures, who told them of new treatment

had to seek out private healthcare tp be listened to seriously

did research online and learned more about the symptoms they had


Question 3 of 5

Which of these happened when Shakirah was at a New Jersey train station?

All but one of the cabbies in the line told here that they weren't working.

She lost her bag, but the train crew wouldn't help her search for it.

The coach driver refused to let her board until she bought a second ticket.

A man her age began chatting to her, not taking the hint to leave her alone.


Question 4 of 5

At the Night of Writing Dangerously, what did Mark do when he met Andrew?

He wrote his pronouns on his name tag.

He asked Andrew out on a date.

He shared a story about his trans sister.

He offered to keep Andrew company at the event.


Question 5 of 5

Which of these did Natalie do when she saw the racist incident on the train?

She got out her phone and recorded the men.

She took a photo of the two women and sent it to the police.

She ran away, then felt shame for not helping the conductor.

She contacted the train driver, who stopped the train.


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Being an Ally
by Shakirah Bourne and Dana Alison Levy

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