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Best Friends

Question 1 of 5

While Alice and Gemma were hiding in the wardrobe, they decided to ---.

put on disguises and run away

ask Callum to drive them to London

borrow some money from Biscuits

pretend they were both very ill


Question 2 of 5

How was Gemma able to say goodbye to Alice?

She used Jack's mobile and pretended to be a girl named Francesca.

She had her dad call Uncle Bob, and they arranged a quick chat.

Granddad drove her when he took a going-away present to Auntie Karen.

She dressed up as Michael and acted as if she were delivering a newspaper.


Question 3 of 5

Biscuits wanted to do a Famous Person project on ---.

a TV chef named Fat Larry

football star David Beckham

Harry Potter

his favourite pop singer


Question 4 of 5

Why did Gemma's heart start beating fast in Alice's new room?

She saw that Melissa was wearing a pink dress.

The heart pillow she had given Alice was torn and dirty.

She spied a picture of Alice and Flora with their arms around each other.

Alice had thrown Golden Syrup into the rubbish bin.


Question 5 of 5

Biscuits made Gemma a birthday cake in the shape of ---.

a wishing well

Fat Larry

a mobile phone

a bicycle


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Best Friends
by Jacqueline Wilson

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