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Billionaire Boy

Question 1 of 5

In Joe's effort to make a friend, he convinced his dad to ---.

allow him to attend the local comprehensive

throw a party for the boys at St Cuthbert's

enrol him in a summer footie league

rent a small cottage in a seaside village


Question 2 of 5

What was true of the Grubb twins?

They were identical even though one was a boy and one was a girl.

They always finished each other's sentences.

They lived in Bob's building and had stolen his bicycle.

They had been suspended from a school for beating up a teacher.


Question 3 of 5

Bob called Joe a spoiled brat after Joe ---.

admitted he had paid the Grubbs not to bully Bob

moved Bob and his mum into a new house without consulting them

complained about Sapphire squeezing his cheeks and kissing him

threw a perfectly good chocolate bar into the bin


Question 4 of 5

In the boys' toilet, Joe became furious at Bob's claim that ---.

Lauren was a fake who was just pretending to be like Joe

the Grubbs were planning on jumping Joe after school

Mr Dust had stolen the money Mr Spud donated to the school

Mr Spud might be in trouble with the law


Question 5 of 5

Before going home, Joe had Raj take him to ---.

apologise to Bob

visit his mum

confront the Grubbs

track down Lauren


Book cover for Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy
by David Walliams

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