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Billy’s Bravery

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On World Book Day, Billy's face felt hot and his tummy twisted when ---.

a voice whispered in his head that he would look silly in his costume

a piece of his costume began falling apart, and then tore another piece tore

a neighbour saw him as Nature Girl, and she shook her head at him

the costume his parents had made him fell out of his drawer


Question 2 of 3

What did Nature Girl say to Billy after he told her what was wrong?

"Sometimes being brave means carrying on, even when you are scared."

"I always feel bravest when I share my feelings with someone I trust."

"Being brave helps show everyone who you truly are on the inside."

"Not everyone is brave all the time! It's like being hungry or sleepy."


Question 3 of 3

What happened after Billy pushed open the door at school?

He saw his friends smiling and cheering.

He felt Nature Girl holding his hand.

He spotted another Nature Girl in the class.

His teachers gave him a big hug and made him feel brave.


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Billy’s Bravery
by Tom Percival

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