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Bing’s Splashy Story

Question 1 of 3

When Bing first wants his Hoppity Voosh book, what does Flop think?

The bath is too wet for books.

He does not want to read Hoppity Voosh again.

A book about water would be better.

HE must hide the book right away.


Question 2 of 3

What is Bing doing when the book goes SPLOOSH in the water?

twirling to show Flop how Hoppity got dry

counting everything he can see in the bathroom

trying to do the Hoppity dance with Flop

jumping up and down like Hoppity had on the Moon


Question 3 of 3

When Bing is finishing the story in bed, he says that Hoppity ---.

sings a lullaby to the Moonkeeper, then vooshes home to bed

helps the crying star voosh itself all the way to the Moon

counts all the stars in the sky before climbing in bed to sleep

has a bath while his mum reads him a bedtime story about rabbits


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Bing’s Splashy Story
by HarperCollins Editors

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