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Winston first let Bob into the zoo for free after hearing that ---.

Bob's grandpa was too poor to take him for a birthday treat

Bob was willing to help him clean out some of the cages in return

Bob's grandpa was a friend of the owner, Sir Basil Basildon

Bob had left his bag, along with all his pocket money, on a bus


Question 2 of 5

Why did Bob first try to look as much like a blobfish as possible?

Some bullies were teasing him, so he decided to make light of the situation.

His grandpa asked him what a blobfish looked like, so he tried to show him.

He wanted to signal to Winston about Blob, with Sir Basil overhearing.

A girl pointed at his shabby clothes, and he hoped to create a distraction.


Question 3 of 5

What happened when Bob had one more animal to teach a trick to?

He ran right into Sir Basil Basildon.

Winston announced the zoo was closing.

Grandpa call him, asking him to come home right away.

He found Baz and Gaz at the animal's cage.


Question 4 of 5

When Bob arrived at the zoo on a school trip, he noticed Sir Basil was ---.

standing high up on top of the aviary

helping Winston clean out the cages

having another go at oinking with the pig-nosed frog

lurking behind the "Welcome" sign


Question 5 of 5

During the school trip, how did Bob help to save Stubbs?

He jumped into a water tank Stubbs had passed out in, and grabbed him.

He caught Stubbs just as he was about to fall off the top of the aviary.

He pushed Stubbs out of the way of the charging Komodo dragon.

He stopped the elephant seal pinning Stubbs to the bottom of its pool.


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by David Walliams

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