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Boot It!

Question 1 of 5

Sami announced that he wasn't going to trials after he ---.

printed off the team kit checklist in the library

saw the other boys warming up in their flashy boots

pulled a muscle in PE the morning of the trials

learnt he'd have to contribute to the travel fees


Question 2 of 5

Before the match, what did Mark tell Sami about Grace?

She was Mrs Hack's daughter.

She attended the Arsenal youth academy.

Her father ran a bakery, and she worked there.

Her sister was a footballer.


Question 3 of 5

Ali first found out about the Kick It Out campaign just after he ---.

removed Nathan as a friend on Snapchat after seeing a racist post

caught Tom spraying racist graffiti on the walls of the boys' toilets

learnt Leo's dad was part of an organisation that promoted racist ideas

watched a BBC report about racist abuse suffered by Man U players


Question 4 of 5

Which of these led to Mrs Hack learning about Nathan's racist behaviour?

The friends stopped playing in the middle of a game to confront him.

Grace sent her a screenshot of his post-match Snapchat story.

The friends resigned from the team, causing it to drop out of the league.

He hit "send to all" on an email he meant only for the friends.


Question 5 of 5

Which of these happened after the school team lost to Stockport Stepping?

Grace invited the friends to a five-a-side, and Tom asked to come, too.

Mrs Hack had a meeting with Nathan's parents, and he was expelled.

The friends were asked to take part in a tournament at Adam's school.

Ali and Sami were approached by a scout who had been watching them play.


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Boot It!
by A. M. Dassu

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