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Boy, Missing

Question 1 of 5

What was Ellen doing when Harlan crashed into her?

playing hide-and-seek with Charlie

looking for her missing necklace

teaching Boomer to fetch a ball

recording a dance for a TikTok video


Question 2 of 5

What had Ellen done at school that upset Harlan?

She let a boy in her form know that Harlan fancied him.

She phoned in sick on the day of their presentation.

She made Harlan's tutor aware that he was being bullied.

She took Harlan's homework to copy, and it went missing from her bag.


Question 3 of 5

After Ellen found Harlan in the cave, she helped him to ---.

free Boomer's paw from where it was trapped

wring out his soaked clothes, giving him her sweatshirt warmth

bandage his knee with Boomer's neckerchief

tie a message to Boomer's collar before sending the dog back to camp


Question 4 of 5

Which of these happened when the friends were crawling through the tunnels?

They found a point where the tunnel forked into two.

A little boy's voice called out for help from deep in the tunnel.

They smelled smoke and realised a campfire nearby.

Harland cut his hand deeply on a sharp rock and screamed.


Question 5 of 5

When the friends emerged from the caves, they realised that ---.

they would still have to climb up and out of the quarry

Boomer had fetched their families, who were above the quarry

their 999 call had worked, and a rescue squad had arrived

they were now in danger of the quarry collapsing in on them


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Boy, Missing
by Sophie McKenzie

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