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Brain Freeze

Question 1 of 5

Gramps had died after Izzy missed visiting hours at the hospital to---.

Play in her school orchestra concert

Go on a class trip to a funfair

Watch a new film that she'd been dying to see

Buy him a present, which he never received


Question 2 of 5

Why did Izzy want to go to see Gramps's ice-cream van in the night?

She couldn't remember what colour his eyes had been

She wanted to look for his lucky gold watch

She'd had a dream that he told her to look for a clue he'd left her

She didn't want the ice-cream van to feel lonely


Question 3 of 5

When Izzy first crept into the ice-cream van, she saw that---.

The keys were in the ignition, swinging slightly

The driver's seat had a faint glow to it

The inside had grown and was now a vast room

There was a button where the steering wheel had been


Question 4 of 5

What did Izzy notice about the first brain freeze she got?

It wasn't wearing off like normal

It reached all the way to her toes

It didn't hurt, but felt like a tickle

It made her feel light, like she could fly


Question 5 of 5

After Izzy first found the alarm clock, the ice-cream van---.

Went over a speed bump and began to go at a frightening speed

Stopped at a red light where it transformed into an aeroplane

Turned sharply and squeezed down a lane Izzy had never seen before

Started talking to Izzy, asking where she wanted to go first


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Brain Freeze
by Tom Fletcher

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