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Charlie McGrew & the Horse That He Drew

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What does the sign on the door of Charlie's flat say?

"Sorry, no pets."

"Quiet! Artist at work."

"Magic pencil found."

"Keep out, please!"


Question 2 of 3

Despite the food, the horse still looks unhappy. What does Charlie do then?

He says that the horse wants someone to colour him.

He draws a new friend for the horse.

He looks for a place where the horse can run free.

He paints the horse a brand-new saddle.


Question 3 of 3

What does everyone do when the heroes are ascending?

They smile.

They cheer.

They draw their own unicorns.

They wave goodbye.


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Book cover for Charlie McGrew & the Horse That He Drew

Charlie McGrew & the Horse That He Drew
by Rob Biddulph

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