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Creepy Creations

Question 1 of 5

The friends began looking for Mr C when they realised that he ---.

hadn't come to get them after they'd waited longer than agreed

wasn't leading the group that had been assigned to him

had left behind his lucky cardigan, which he had been wearing earlier

couldn't be reached when they called his mobile phone


Question 2 of 5

What happened after the "cannonball creature" first attached the friends?

The creature was freed when the opened a door, which then auto-closed.

A cold air blew through the tunnel, making the creature freeze on the spot.

Gus grew suddenly ill after getting stung by the creature's unusual stinger.

Rubble crushed the creature when the ground began to shake under their feet.


Question 3 of 5

During the bushbabies' attack, the friends realised that the bushbabies ---.

made a crying sound like a human baby

were trying to protect the babies on their backs

had the baby that had gone missing earlier

couldn't chase them, as the bushbabies were hurt


Question 4 of 5

Which of these did Angelo realise when in the room where Mr C was found?

The friends were surrounded by spider mandibles.

Spider venom was dripping down the web onto the friends.

The spiders were a new breed mixed with scorpions.

A fire exit was on the far side of the room from the friends.


Question 5 of 5

Back in student services, which of these did Mr C admit to the friends?

He had slipped and hit his head while following a sound.

One of the spiders had escaped as he explored the tunnel.

Hume had called him, cancelling his trip to the school that night.

A dinner lady had warned him away from the gate earlier that day.


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Creepy Creations
by Jennifer Killick

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