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Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate

Question 1 of 5

Daisy got free tickets to Chocolate Land from her---.

Neighbour, whose brother worked there

Teacher, as a thank-you for looking after the hamsters

Grandparents, in place of an Easter egg

Classmate Barry, who had already been there


Question 2 of 5

Which of these did Daisy do every Easter?

She pestered her Mum until she was given her eggs early

She made a chocolatey mess of her covers while eating Easter eggs in bed

She sat through church with Mum, then ate her eggs as soon as she got back

She went shopping with Mum for reduced-price eggs


Question 3 of 5

What happened after Daisy jumped on the Easter Bunny in Chocolate Land?

He dropped the mini eggs he was carrying and she picked some up

The security guard bribed her with mini eggs to get her off him

A crowd of children got excited and started throwing mini eggs at them

His mask came off, revealing him to be Mrs Pike's brother


Question 4 of 5

When Daisy met Mrs Pike's brother, he asked if Daisy would like to---.

Help him stir the chocolate

Try his chocolate fudge bar

Check the temperature of the chocolate for him

Press the "start" button for the chocolate canal


Question 5 of 5

What was the result of the hamsters getting loose in Chocolate land?

It had to close for two days in order for the machines to be cleaned

Mrs Pike's brother was given a warning and lost a month's pay

Mum had to pay for the 'free' tickets Daisy had been given, plus a fine

It was agreed that a "chocolate hamster" would be launched next Easter


Book cover for Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate

Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate
by Kes Gray

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