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Dave Pigeon (Bookshop Mayhem!)

Question 1 of 5

Before he and Skipper went to a bookshop, something Dave wished for was ---.

a place full of books, so they could pretend to have written one

a magic cooking book that would bake jam tarts for them

some new books to appear on the shelf in the Human Lady's shed

a shop just like a library, but when he didn't need to be quiet


Question 2 of 5

How did Dave and Skipper manage to get inside the bookshop?

They followed the Postie and sneaked through the back door.

They climbed inside a parcel that the postie was delivering.

They flew through the open window when no one was looking.

They squeezed through the letterbox that the Postie had wedged open.


Question 3 of 5

To get to the plate of biscuits across the bookshop, Dave and Skipper ---.

used a hat that Skipper had pecked free from a toy bear as a disguise

distracted the Human Bookseller by pushing books off shelves

climbed onto a trolley that Dave had spotted a customer pushing

hopped across the star decorations hanging between the bookcases


Question 4 of 5

The Human Bookseller caught Dave when Dave was ---.

racing to the table that was holding the biscuit fort

putting up a sign asking Humans to give biscuits to pigeons

ripping open a pack of biscuits the Human Bookseller was saving for later

trying to fly through a window he thought was open


Question 5 of 5

What did Lin to when she went to the bookshop to help Skipper rescue Dave?

She went on a rampage, making bookcase prison for the Human Bookseller.

She ate the last of the biscuits and fell asleep before she could help Dave.

She began pulling books off the shelves, distracting the Human Bookseller.

She growled and bopped the Human Bookseller on the head with the birdcage.


Book cover for Dave Pigeon (Bookshop Mayhem!)

Dave Pigeon (Bookshop Mayhem!)
by Swapna Haddow

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