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Dead of Night

Question 1 of 5

Why did Cole and his squad stop at the Glyndwr Inn?

They were lost in the fog and in need of directions.

Magraff had broken her leg and could travel no further.

Rio's map indicated it was their objective.

They responded to a distress cry coming from within.


Question 2 of 5

George explained that his task in the war had been to ---.

dig tunnels beneath enemy lines

pilot a plane and bomb the enemy

carry the wounded from the battlefield

man the canons on the front line


Question 3 of 5

The second person to visit Rio was a female, who was a ---.

Russian partisan whose family had been attacked by the Germans

Jewish girl whose family had been sent to a concentration camp

French resistance fighter whose entire village had been destroyed

young German aristocrat, who had lost all her brothers in the war


Question 4 of 5

Lieutenant Dick Charles revealed to Rio that he was dead after she ---.

failed to salute him when they first met

said she'd never met a black officer before

tried to leave the pub, saying she was fed up with stories

asked why he wasn't drinking the beer she'd bought him


Question 5 of 5

What did Rio discover about the visitations she'd had in the night?

They had been arranged by Rachel, who died in the Pacific.

Her grandfather, who was killed in World War I, was behind them.

It was a 'normal' occurrence in the pub, dubbed the most haunted in Britain.

They were only experienced by soldiers about to be sent to the front line.


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Dead of Night
by Michael Grant

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