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Deadly! Irish History: Fun with the Celts and the Vikings!

Question 1 of 5

What did later Celtic settlers bring with them to Ireland?

a new metal called iron, which replaced the weaker metal bronze

a system for holding elections, allowing the people to choose their rulers

the first breed of horse, which they used as a working animal

the recipe for the production of whiskey, or "aqua vitae"


Question 2 of 5

Before a battle, which of these did Irish Celt warriors do?

They taunted their enemies, a bit like how modern boxers trash talk.

They walked towards the enemy shield wall and performed a war dance.

They paid monks to make artwork for them wearing the finest armour.

They howled like wild wolves, something the later Viking berserkers copied.


Question 3 of 5

In Roundhousers, King Connall's men ran away from the feasting hall when ---

the children put on scary masks and surprised them

the druids stampeded the cattle towards them

some bats flew down at them from the rafters

a figure appeared to walk through the fire in front of them


Question 4 of 5

Before a longship voyage, something the Vikings did was ---.

load it with dried meat and fish as the couldn't light fires in it to cook

coat the sides of its hull with animal fat to make it faster in the water

make a ritual sacrifice as they didn't want it to be sunk in a storm

visit a steer, who would cast runes and predict what they would discover


Question 5 of 5

In Fishamble Street, what rumours had King Sitric Silkbeard's spies heard?

The Irish were about to attack Dublin.

An English army was sailing across the Irish Sea.

The King of Norway was coming to steal his throne.

Some Irish chieftains were going to rebel.


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Deadly! Irish History: Fun with the Celts and the Vikings!
by John Farrelly

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