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Dinosaur Roar and Friends!

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What was true of Dinosaur Roar the Tyrannosaurus rex's teeth?

They were the size of bananas.

They had flat tops for grinding meat.

They fell out once a year and regrew.

They could whistle using the holes in them.


Question 2 of 3

Which of these did the huge Diplodocus called Dinosaur Munch like to eat?

leaves from trees and soft plants

grubs and insects found under stones

dinosaurs that were smaller than him

creatures with shells that he found near water


Question 3 of 3

Dinosaur Squeak the small Compsognathus was "bipedal", meaning that she ---.

walked on two legs

had no tail at all

could only see in black and white

gave birth to live babies, not eggs


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Dinosaur Roar and Friends!
by Peter Curtis

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