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Dog Man: Three Stories in One (World Book Day 2020)

Question 1 of 3

What were Harold and George doing when they found their Dog Man comics?

searching their tree house for clues

looking for George's lost stock

cleaning up after Captain Underpants made a mess

hiding under the bottom bunkbed


Question 2 of 3

Dog Man began digging a hole to escape down when he ---.

walked into a trap after following a trail to Petey's hideout

smelled Petey's feet, which had been sprayed with perfume

saw the giant wave of bubble bath rushing towards him

thought they Petey was about to set off a big bomb


Question 3 of 3

What did Dog Man realise just before he threw up at the secret lab?

The antidote was in the toilet he'd drunk from.

The dog food he'd eaten had evil potion in it.

The cops would stop being zombies if they also threw up.

The rubbish he'd rolled in hadn't smelled of air freshener.


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Book cover for Dog Man: Three Stories in One (World Book Day 2020)

Dog Man: Three Stories in One (World Book Day 2020)
by Dav Pilkey

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