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Double Trouble

Question 1 of 5

Tilly said she was sorry and believed Lauren after ---.

a man from a chariot pulled a sword from its holder and pointed it at them

a lion escaped the amphitheatre in Campania and chased them down the path

they saw statues of Romulus and Remus by the city gates of Rome

a young girl walking along the road told them to beware of gladiators


Question 2 of 5

How were Lauren and Tilly reunited after Lauren went onion-picking?

A man with a girl bought Lauren and took her to Tilly, who was in a caravan.

Marca helped Lauren escape to a small shed where Tilly was hiding.

Livia arrived with Tilly and pretended to by Lauren's previous owner.

Lauren sneaked out the kitchen door and found Tilly in a tree.


Question 3 of 5

Why did Lauren gasp after Tilly pointed at the hill where they'd picnicked?

She realised it was a volcano like the picture in their geography book.

She noticed a huge wave of water cresting over the hill.

She finally understood that they were looking at Julius Caesar's home.

She saw the harbour filled with enemy ships from Egypt.


Question 4 of 5

Upon returning home to their own time, Tilly and Lauren saw ---.

Prima sitting on the grass behind them

Livia's beautiful silver headpiece

Stephen standing in front of them, looking shocked

Saturn acting oddly and seeming to be sick


Question 5 of 5

The girls worked out that the answer to the time travelling was ---.

touching the stones on Saturn's collar

rubbing the cat charm on Lauren's bracelet

holding on to Saturn's tail tightly

staring into Saturn's eyes while scratching his belly


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Double Trouble
by Judi Curtin

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