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Eva’s Journey

Question 1 of 5

How did Eva spend her twelfth birthday?

having a pamper day at a fancy hotel with fifteen of her best friends

hosting a party for her entire class under a marquee in her garden

sunning herself on a beach in Spain with her three cousins

finishing packing and moving out of her beloved Castleville House


Question 2 of 5

What was Eva's first good deed after being told she should help others?

She oiled the wheels on Madam Margarita's wheelchair.

She polished Madam Margarita's crystal ball and cleaned up her flat.

She made posters to advertise Madam Margarita's fortune telling.

She climbed up a tree to rescue Madam Margarita's cat.


Question 3 of 5

Eva managed to help Dawn and Dawn's mother by pretending to ---.

want to photograph a butterfly she'd seen in the garden

need someone to tutor her in maths

drop her earring in the pizza that was being served at their party

fall and hurt her ankle in front of their home


Question 4 of 5

What gift did Ruby give Eva to thank her for helping on the stall?

a bracelet of purple beads that her mum had made

one of the puppies from her spaniel's recent litter

an incredibly lifelike sketch of Eva's favourite pop star

a dress she had made like the one Eva admired in a shop window


Question 5 of 5

Eva's dad managed to find work after he ---.

fitted a stair-life for Maggie

offered to do Maggie's accounts for the market stall

repaired Maggie's wheelchair

created a website for Maggie


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Eva’s Journey
by Judi Curtin

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