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What happened to the other Unmappers before Smudge left Crackledawn?

Nightdaggers from the sky turned them into shadows and held them still.

They were swallowed by conch shells and taken back out to sea.

A raging storm blew them through the doorway that led to the Faraway.

Rock goblins forced them into cages and set sail with them towards Lonecrag.


Question 2 of 5

In Lonecrag, what led to the harpy escaping from the sunraiding net?

Smudge couldn't remember the last word of the rope-locking spell.

Bartholomew let go of the net when the harpy spat venom at him.

The harpy screamed, destroying the net's "imprisonment enchantment".

An ogre eel jumped from the water, shocking Smudge and making her collapse.


Question 3 of 5

After it was swallowed by a giant wave, the boat stopped sinking when ---.

Bartholomew persuaded Smudge to start believing in herself

Smudge let Bartholomew have the last available watergum

Nefarious's portrait began to sing a popular sea shanty

the shell bracelet Smudge was wearing was broken by Bartholomew


Question 4 of 5

How did Smudge summon a whale before she and Nefarious escaped the witches?

She put her silver nose ring under her tongue and whistled.

She opened the bottle of "whales' tears" she'd taken from her cabin.

She shouted the Unmappers' word for 'whale' thirteen times.

She blew a steady stream of bubbles into a conch shell.


Question 5 of 5

In Everdark, Morg, the harpy, scuttled away in defeat after Smudge ---.

removed Morg's wings and hurled them through a door carved into a tree trunk

tricked Morg into flying into the gloomweb where her wings became entangled

fired arrows through Morg's wings, pinning her to the wall of her fortress

used siren tears to shrink Morg's wings so she couldn't fly out of her nest


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by Abi Elphinstone

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