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Evie in the Jungle

Question 1 of 5

When Dad suggested a holiday, what did Evie say she wanted to do?

go on a riverboat cruise in Peru

visit Mum's old home in Ecuador

explore the rainforest in Brazil

stay with an old friend of Granny Flora's in the jungle


Question 2 of 5

What did Evie do for the pink river dolphin after it rescued the sloth?

She gave it the fried dumpling from Ernesto's cabin.

She helped it by telling it where Ernesto had seen other pink dolphins.

She removed the fishing net that was wrapped around its flipper.

She showed it Ernesto's map of the river's safe spots.


Question 3 of 5

Why did Evie and Dad decide to visit Professor Garcia?

to ask her to find a safe home for the sloth

to give her the money Evie had collected for charity

to tell her about the injured pink river dolphins

to show her the photos of the animal poachers


Question 4 of 5

On the way to meet the jaguar, one thing Evie did was ---.

interview a poison dart frog

release a capybara from a trap

help a tree snake find its eggs

persuade Neruda to be her friend


Question 5 of 5

After Evie's interview went online, the charity raised enough money to ---.

stop the loggers buying the Monkey Lands

pay for the charity's website to be completely redesigned

buy all the caged wild animals in Iquitos City and set them free

build a sanctuary for Ah and the other sloths


Book cover for Evie in the Jungle

Evie in the Jungle
by Matt Haig

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