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Fast Forward

Question 1 of 5

Beth wanted to travel forward in time in order to ---.

watch the phone-shop woman counting out the sim cards

spy on her teacher putting Smarties in the jar for the competition

find people using the latest technology, such as smartphones and laptops

see if her parents bought her a mobile phone for Christmas


Question 2 of 5

Who did the girls see when they arrived at the shop in the future?

a boy who spoke excitedly about the competition, but did not win

a woman who smashed the jar of sim cards when she lost the competition

a girl in an anorak who stole a mobile when the competition took place

the phone-shop owner, who sneaked some sim cards out of the jar


Question 3 of 5

After looking in on Heather's party, Beth decided she would ---.

delete the messages she'd been about to send when her phone died

find some way to make up for missing the party

get Heather an expensive bottle of perfume as a gift

go back in time and stop herself from sending Heather a mean text


Question 4 of 5

The girls tried to help the boy win the competition by ---.

telling him Beth had had a dream with a number in it

leaving the winning number all over town in places he'd see

pretending Molly was psychic and knew his lucky number

writing the correct number on paper and slipping it into his jacket pocket


Question 5 of 5

Which of these did Beth do during Heather's party?

She invited Heather over to her and Molly's house after school the next day.

She complimented Heather on her outfit, saying she looked lovely.

She asked Heather if she liked time-travel books, then winked at Molly.

She gave Heather the scarf she'd seen Heather admire in the future.


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Fast Forward
by Judi Curtin

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