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First Term at Mallory Towers

Question 1 of 5

What did Miss Potts tell Gwendoline she must do after break the first day?

plait her hair to keep it tidy

accept help with her sums from Alicia

order new tunics in the appropriate colour

sit alone in the library


Question 2 of 5

What made Gwendoline decide to make friends with Mary-Lou?

She wanted to use Mary-Lou to get Alicia and Darrell in trouble.

Mary-Lou had stuck up for Gwendoline when Libby was teasing her.

She thought that Mary-Lou could help her to pass her French exam.

She was sad that Mary-Lou had no friends at all and was lonely.


Question 3 of 5

Why couldn't Mary-Lou be with Darrell and her family for the half-term day?

She had already accepted Gwendoline's invitation.

She was going to help the Mam'zelles.

She wouldn't accept Darrell's offer, which was given with pity.

She was ill and had to spend the day in the San.


Question 4 of 5

Darrell's father was asked to come to Malory Towers in order to ---.

operate on Sally, who had appendicitis

help find Darrell, who had gone missing

take Darrell home early as punishment for pushing Sally

give the girls a talk about careers in medicine


Question 5 of 5

How did Mary-Lou prove that it hadn't been Darrell who smashed her pen?

She found an ink bottle and stained shoes with Gwendoline's name in them.

She showed everyone the purple fingerprints on Alicia's white bed.

She asked Miss Potts, who said that Darrell had been in detention all day.

She set a trap using an identical pen.


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First Term at Mallory Towers
by Enid Blyton

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