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Fly by Night

Question 1 of 5

After Mosca unlocked Clent from the stocks, she told him that she had...

burned down her uncle's mill

stolen her aunts necklace

lost one of her uncle's treasured books

forgotten to tie up her uncle's horse


Question 2 of 5

What did the water in Chough do to people?

It turned their eyebrows so pale that they were almost invisible

It made their hair take on an iridescent green tinge

It left an unsightly orange hue on their skin

It removed the enamel from their teeth so they appeared to be transparent


Question 3 of 5

What was a sign of changing times that was seen in the Halberd?

Men waved their cups over different things to toast their different kings.

No icons of the Beloved were visible anywhere in the tavern

Some girls were in a corner reading from books without Stationers seals

The proprietress had hung bunches of honesty plants on the walls of the inn


Question 4 of 5

Captain Blythe let the lady in the carriage keep her purse after...

Clent promised to write a ballad about Blythe's chivalry

Mosca agreed to give him a copy of her fathers book

she showed him a signet ring given to her by Queen Peri

Clent reminded Blythe about the agreement they had made in Chough


Question 5 of 5

What guarded Lady Tamarind's rooms?

a crocodile

six rattlesnakes

a hyena

a brown bear


Book cover for Fly by Night

Fly by Night
by Frances Hardinge

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