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Football School: 20 Fantastic Football Stories

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In Ansu Fati's second game for Barcelona, he became the ---.

youngest player to score for the club at just sixteen

first-ever professional footballer to score five goals in twenty minutes

third one in his family to score for the team, along with his two brothers

shortest Champions League player to score a header


Question 2 of 5

Why did the 2016 Euro final become known as "The Ronaldo Final"?

He coached his team to win from the sidelines, having come off injured.

He led his ten-man team to 4-0 win, scoring all the goals himself.

His fans chanted his name non-stop, despite him not playing due to illness.

He scored the winning goal despite only coming on in extra time.


Question 3 of 5

Leicester City won the Premier League that year that Claudio Ranieri ---.

became the new coach, telling the players to just enjoy themselves

donated thousands of pounds to the team's players in his will

joined as the new goalie, the youngest person ever to fill the position

began managing the team following an accident that left him in a wheelchair


Question 4 of 5

Craig Johnston started designing The Predator football book when ---.

a child he was coaching said that he couldn't make the ball swerve

he noticed a famous goalkeeper kept checking their laces during a game

his manager recommended some boots to him, but they were too expensive

one of his sons missed a penalty as he didn't have enough grip on wet grass


Question 5 of 5

Which of these did Hennes VII, Cologne's most famous goat mascot, do?

He appeared as a victim on a TV crime drama.

He opened a department store by biting through the rope.

He ate a star footballer's kit and was caught doing so on CCTV.

He 'turned on' the Christmas lights in Berlin.


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Football School: 20 Fantastic Football Stories
by Alex Bellos

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