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Gangsta Granny

Question 1 of 5

Why did Ben feel like a disappointment to his mum and dad?

He wanted to be a plumber, but they wanted him to be a professional dancer.

He got bad reports and low grades in all of his subjects, except for art.

He had little interest in expensive things, which was all they cared about.

He had a stutter that seemed to embarrass them in public.


Question 2 of 5

What was NOT something Granny told Ben about her first ring robbery?

She pretended to be a maid to get into Lord Davenport's house.

She dropped the ring when Lord Davenport burped in his sleep.

She hid up a tree from Lord Davenport's army of men and dogs until dawn.

She swallowed the ring in order to hide it from Lord Davenport's men.


Question 3 of 5

Granny agreed to go on the heist with Ben under the condition that ---.

they returned the Crown Jewels the following night

he put as much effort into his exams as he did researching the Crown Jewels

they did not take anything belonging to Princess Diana

he wrote a letter of apology to the Queen in advance and left it behind


Question 4 of 5

How did Ben and Granny get from the motorway to London?

A policeman gave them a lift in his car.

They hid in the back of a removals van.

A man from the AA towed Granny's mobility scooter all the way.

They hitched a ride with a lorry driver who asked nosy questions.


Question 5 of 5

After the night in London, what did Granny confess to Ben?

Her health was not fine, and she had very advanced cancer.

Her husband had been a dustman, not a dashing undercover detective.

She intended to keep the Crown Jewels, not return them.

She had never been to France, and she knew only a few French words.


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Gangsta Granny
by David Walliams

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