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Gangsta Rap

Question 1 of 10

Ray was permanently excluded from school for...

threatening a teacher

fighting in the corridor

bringing a knife to school

coming to school stoned


Question 2 of 10

After running out of his house in the middle of the night, Ray...

took the night bus into central London

spent the rest of the night in the local park

boarded a train from stratford station

broke into Flip Discs and slept on the floor


Question 3 of 10

How did Mr Lang amaze the boys during the meeting about Social Inclusion?

His knowledge of hip-hop music was extensive.

He introduced them to a record company executive.

When Ray became aggressive, he floored him with a karate chop

He confessed that he had been excluded from school as a teenager.


Question 4 of 10

What was the group's first major disagreement with Marga Man?

whether or not to appear on Top of the Pops.

where to perform their first live gig.

which single to release first

what to call themselves


Question 5 of 10

Which of these incidents happened first?

A boy was stabbed after a Positive Negatives gig in east London

a west London boy was shot outside of a popular West End club

Positive Negatives agreed to do a nationwide tour

Western Alliance dissed Postitive Negatives at the MOBO awards


Book cover for Gangsta Rap

Gangsta Rap
by Benjamin Zaphaniah

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