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Gigantosaurus: Dino-Spot

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When the little dinosaurs went out to play, their mums had ---.

told them to keep one eye peeled for hungry carnivores

given them some snacks to share with each other

said they'd be able to dino-spot a pilosaurus at the caves

warned them to play nicely or they'd be in big trouble


Question 2 of 3

What did Bill say when Bonehead spotted the first dinosaur?

"That's my mum, up on the hill."

"You cheated! That's not fair!"

"Can we invite her to join the game?"

"Let's stop for a snack. Those leaves look yummy."


Question 3 of 3

Gigantosaurus' jaws went "CRUNCH" when Bonehead ---.

ignored his friends' whispered warnings

began marching around his friends, singing

dropped the book on Gigantosaurus' head

laughed when Gigantosaurus stepped in the berries


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Book cover for Gigantosaurus: Dino-Spot

Gigantosaurus: Dino-Spot
by Jonny Duddle

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