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Greg the Sausage Roll: Lunchbox Superhero

Question 1 of 3

Kobe came into the bakery looking worried when he didn't want to ---.

go to school

eat breakfast

talk to the baker

spend his pound coin


Question 2 of 3

At school, Greg wanted to try everything. What did he do with Gloria?

He flossed in dance club.

He made a cake in cooking class.

He played dressing up.

He wrote a superhero story.


Question 3 of 3

Greg was happy to see Kobe smiling with his new friends when ---.

it was time for the first-day photos

the class sang a happy song together

he passed his best toy around

there was rainbow outside the classroom


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Book cover for Greg the Sausage Roll: Lunchbox Superhero

Greg the Sausage Roll: Lunchbox Superhero
by Mark Hoyle

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