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Hazel Tree Farm: One Stormy Night

Question 1 of 5

When Eamon brought Peg to the farm during tea, he explained that ---.

she had gone off her food and been quite sick

she was limping, and couldn't put weight on her back leg

her coat had been caught in a wire fence

her nose was hot and dry, which he knew wasn't a good sign


Question 2 of 5

When Eamon brought Peg to Mam's surgery, it was discovered that Peg ---.

was going to have puppies

had swallowed a squeaky toy

couldn't walk on her leg as it was sprained

needed some special medicine


Question 3 of 5

During the storm, what happened after Dad and Eamon went to look for Peg?

The old tree fell on an electricity pylon, plunging the house into darkness

The sheep pen was struck by lightning, and the lambs needed to be rescued.

The farm house flooded when the rain caused the river to overflow.

Dad's car came off the road while he was searching the hills.


Question 4 of 5

What happened once Peg gave birth to the last puppy?

Mam and Peg had to help it breathe.

Peg began warning the humans away from it.

Peter and Kate cared for the cut on its eye.

It refused to eat like the other puppies.


Question 5 of 5

Which of these happened after the children learnt Blue was their new dog?

Kate checked on Hettie, who had laid her first egg.

Blue ran out into the yard and started playing with Hettie.

Peter, Blue and Katie chased after the sheep, laughing.

Hettie got loose in the house, creating chaos.


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Hazel Tree Farm: One Stormy Night
by Alma Jordan

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