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Herbert Horatio: A Very Fishy Tale

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Which of these did Hubert's parents do during his first outing in a pram?

They looked at shop window displays.

They walked along the path in the park.

They watched a travelling circus act.

The bought ice cream at the seaside.


Question 2 of 3

What did Hubert's parents do when they saw the golden object in the window?

They let go of Hubert's pram and left him behind.

They traded Hubert's pram at the shop for the golden object.

They put Hubert's pram in the boot of the wrong car.

They pressed their faces to the window, not noticing Hubert crawling away.


Question 3 of 3

Which of these did the lady do before Hubert gave her the silver voucher?

She asked for three wishes.

She "read his mind" and announced he was hiding something.

She put him on her plate for tea, along with some chips.

She found his lost pram.


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Book cover for Herbert Horatio: A Very Fishy Tale

Herbert Horatio: A Very Fishy Tale
by Lauren Child

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