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Heroes of the High Seas

Question 1 of 5

After a jellyfish swirled past, Topo suggested the Super-Pets should ---.

ride the vortex down to the bottom of the trench

return to Aquaman to help him rescue the blue whale

catch a lift on a nearby submarine to the tunnel

split up and meet at the bottom of the ocean


Question 2 of 5

The Super-Pets followed the lava tunnel until they saw a light from a ---.

sea creature called a diggler

recently sunken ship

family of dancing jellyfish

man in a scuba-diving suit


Question 3 of 5

How did Topp calm the diggler's anger?

He whipped out his violin and started to play.

He found the creature's mother.

He brought the diggler a nice meal of grubs and kale.

He cleaned the rocks out of diggler's teeth.


Question 4 of 5

What did Tops say to stop Misty and Sneezers from reaching the diggler?

"I know polka music as well."

"Stop, or I'll send the jellyfish after you."

"I've got your tails."

"I can play any tune you want to hear."


Question 5 of 5

Topo wasn't sure he and his friends would win against Black Manta until ---.

the female blue whale arrived and dwarfed the villain

Aquaman returned to stop the submarine's engines

Misty and Sneezers decided to help the Super-Pets

the Vortex changed direction and trapped the villain's submarine


Book cover for Heroes of the High Seas

Heroes of the High Seas
by J.E. Bright

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