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I Have No Secrets

Question 1 of 5

A few days after Dan told Jemma his secret, which of these happened?

Jemma got a letter from her sister, who revealed the two were twins

A little girl went missing from Jemma's road on her way to the shops

Jemma heard Dad say that someone outside may be watching the house

Dan returned a box of Sarah's things and ended their relationship


Question 2 of 5

Jemma became distracted from the pain in her stomach when---.

Mum and Dad thought Finn was missing, but Jemma knew he was in the cupboard

Jodi turned up, saying her horrible foster-mother had kicked her out

Olivia beat up Finn in front of Jemma, who was unable to do anything to help

Mum told Jemma that Sarah was considering moving to her university's campus


Question 3 of 5

At Carlstone College, Professor Spalding told Jemma, Mum and Sarah that---.

A new communication tool was being developed, based on sniffing

He had been recommended a tablet that could be controlled by eye-gaze

If Jemma practiced blowing on a sensor, he might be able to help her soon

It should be accepted that Jemma would never be able to communicate


Question 4 of 5

Why did Dad phone the police after Sarah painted Jemma's nails?

Sarah's phone was switched off and she had not returned from a concert

Sarah showed him a stream of threatening emails she'd had from Dan

Jay Wiggins threw a brick through Sarah's window when released on bail

Sarah said that Billy and Dan were attacking Ryan's brother in the alley


Question 5 of 5

What did Jodi do when she met Jemma for the first time in the Family Centre?

She burst into tears then left the room after apologising to Jemma

She accidentally hurt Jemma by grabbing her arm too roughly

She made Jemma cry by laughing at an involuntary sound Jemma made

She kept referring to Jemma as "special" which angered Jemma


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I Have No Secrets
by Penny Joelson

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