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Question 1 of 5

After arriving at the cottage, Louise went into the boatshed, where she ---.

saw that the drawing she had made at four years old was still there

took a razor blade from her purse and made a small cut on her leg

marked a line on the floor as she did every time she visited Lindisfarne

noticed something white on the floor and realised it was a small bone


Question 2 of 5

When they first spoke, how did Dark Star make Louise lost for words?

He reached into the water and caught a fish in his hand.

He used a needle and thread to stitch a cut on his leg.

He seemed to make a foreign, antique coin appear in her pocket.

He held his breath underwater for an unnaturally long time.


Question 3 of 5

After seeing Dad and Coral kissing on a bench, Louise ---.

spoke to Dark Star at his campfire and fetched bread to join him for a meal

met the gang of boys barbecuing on the dunes and got drunk with them

found a sketch of herself left on her bed and assumed it was from Dark Star

stole Coral's bicycle and rode it to the beach, then dumped it in a ditch


Question 4 of 5

What did Louise NOT learn about Hassan on her first full day on Lindisfarne?

He would soon leave to join his brother in Prague.

His mother and sister were living in Italy.

He intended to study history at university in Paris.

His father had been a librarian before being killed.


Question 5 of 5

After telling Dad and Coral about the deer, what did Louise do?

She gave Dad a photo of their family, which Hassan's father had taken.

She showed Dad a drawing Hassan's sister had made of Louise's mum.

She held up the locket that had been her mum's, saying Hassan had found it.

She revealed the tattoo Hassan had made on her arm using a pin and ink.


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by David Almond

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