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Jemima the Pig and the 127 Acorns

Question 1 of 5

Years after the boy went to Wick, why did he decide to write about it?

His daughter was going on a school trip to visit it.

He read a newspaper article about it being closed down.

He was visited by its owner, who wanted to talk to him about Jemima.

His editor asked him to write about life during the war.


Question 2 of 5

What was one reason the boy has gone off wandering at Wick?

He was an only child and was used to being along.

He had heard a rumour there was treasure at Wick and hoped to find it.

He got teased by some of the other boys and wanted to avoid them.

He suffered from headaches and needed peace and quiet.


Question 3 of 5

How had the boy first learned the fact that pigs like to eat acorns?

Mr Hicks talked about it after story time around the fire.

It was in the notes the farmer gave out about the farm animals.

Jemima escaped, and Mr Hicks found her under an oak tree eating acorns.

He read it in the book Mr Hicks lent him about caring for pigs.


Question 4 of 5

After Jemima ate 127 acorns, the vet had been called when Jemima was ---.

lying down, seemingly unable to get up

being sick on the ground every few minutes

rolling in the mud, roaring in terrible pain

rubbing her back against the fence, as if her skin was itchy


Question 5 of 5

Why had the boy ended up leaving behind most of the acorns he'd collected?

Mr Hicks told him that the acorns belonged at Wick.

The farmer explained to him how acorns could only grow in certain places.

Jemima seemed to want some acorns for the piglets.

He didn't have enough room in his bag to pack all the acorns in.


Book cover for Jemima the Pig and the 127 Acorns

Jemima the Pig and the 127 Acorns
by Michael Morpurgo

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