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Kid Normal and the Loudest Library

Question 1 of 5

What happened when the Zeroes were on their way to the school library?

Mr Flash shouted at them, telling them school was closed.

Miss Flint gave them a signal boosters to attach to their HALO units.

Mrs Fletcher came running out of the library screaming about a robot.

Loud music began playing from inside the library.


Question 2 of 5

Just before the stamping, competition ended, what did Murph see happen?

A small man standing on a deck pressed a button on a remote control.

A robot hiding at the back of the library went through a concealed door.

A woman who looked like the librarian joined in with the stampers.

A large crack opened up, running right across the library floor.


Question 3 of 5

After climbing down the ladders, what did the Zeroes realise?

Roman ruins were being excavated under the library.

A tunnel leading to a bank vault had been dug.

The library archives were being chewed up by a robotic bookworm.

Margaret was unconscious in a muddy chamber off the library's basement.


Question 4 of 5

After revealing his plans, which of these did Roman Goldstealer explain?

He would not give the gold to a museum as he wanted to be able to touch it.

He needed gold to pay off the evil genius who'd built his excavating robot.

He intended to build his next "robot genius" out of pure gold.

He was searching for one particular, ultra-rare, Roman gold coin.


Question 5 of 5

Which of these did Goldstealer reveal that led to the robot being shut down?

There was an emergency override switch on the back of its head.

It would go into sleep mode in very quiet environments.

He had hidden a spare controller for it in the library's reference section.

If its eyes were damaged, it would immediately shut down.


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Kid Normal and the Loudest Library
by Greg James

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