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Lies: A Gone Novel

Question 1 of 5

What had the boys planned to do to Jill before the Leader showed mercy?

fix her so she could never sing or talk again

make it so she would not be able to see anything

put her to work out in the fields, which were full of zekes

cut off her hand and replace it with a whip


Question 2 of 5

What did Sam discover when he went to Howard and Orc's house?

Brittney, who was thought to be dead, was in the living room.

Nerezza, who had fled Perdido Beach months earlier, had returned.

Caine, who'd been hospitalised, was healthy and running his business again.

Dekka, who was supposed to be scouting the FAYZ, had lost her powers.


Question 3 of 5

Caine called his group together and told them of his plan to ---.

take some boats to a mansion on a private island

set up a new camp at the mine shaft

ride bikes out to the air national guard base

fix up some motorcycles and go deep into the national park


Question 4 of 5

Sam intended to go to the place where Drake had broken him, which was ---.

a room inside the power plant

a large, flat rock in the middle of the desert

a dark passageway inside the mine shaft

the basement of the old factory on the western edge of town


Question 5 of 5

Astrid saw that the FAYZ wall disappeared for a moment when ---.

Little Pete howled over his shattered game player

Edilio called out to the gaiaphage before taking his last breath

Nerezza let go of Orsay's hand and pushed her off the cliff

Drake's whip hand severed by a blow from Sam's sword


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Lies: A Gone Novel
by Michael Grant

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