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Lily and the Lissadell Ghost

Question 1 of 5

One morning, Lily and Neville learnt Cook was upset that someone had ---.

taken the leftover chicken pie from the larder

ruined Maeve's birthday cake, which was smashed on the floor

left her a threatening note demanding food

bitten off of large mouthfuls of her prize vegetables


Question 2 of 5

After Ita woke Lily and Nellie up with her screams, she told them that ---.

she had seen a ghost dressed all in white before covering her eyes

her blanket had been snatched from her bed by a giggling ghost

she heard ghostly moaning coming from her wardrobe

a ghost had whispered to her in her sleep


Question 3 of 5

The first night of investigation with Lily, Maeve had the idea to ---.

stay up and keep watch outside the kitchen door

wait for the crying noise to start, then follow it

dust for fingerprints in the larder, the scene of the crime

check the servants' rooms for food while they sleep


Question 4 of 5

When Maeve and Lily discovered her sister, Delia admitted that she had?

brought Jane to Lissadell because their mother was sick

been giving Jane medicine meant for Bridget, who also had a cough

spread the ghost story to explain Jane's presence at Lissadell

spirited Jane into Lissadell because she had felt so lonely there


Question 5 of 5

Delia became angry when she learnt that Maeve had ---.

told the Countess about Jane at dinner

lost Jane somewhere in Lissadell while babysitting her

been caught stealing food for Jane by Mrs Bailey

asked Delia's mother to come to Sligo to collect Jane


Book cover for Lily and the Lissadell Ghost

Lily and the Lissadell Ghost
by Judi Curtin

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