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Loki: Tales of a Bad God

Question 1 of 5

Which of these did Heimdall do after purchasing a new parenting book?

He set Loki and Thor a quest, and began by giving them a present each.

He signed Loki and Thor up to join the local Scout group.

He announced that Loki and Thor had to cook one meal every week.

He agreed to give Loki and Thor pocket money for the trip back to Asgard.


Question 2 of 5

For the third challenge, Loki and Thor worked together to ---.

build a wardrobe

wash the cars on the street

bake a birthday cake

tidy the garden


Question 3 of 5

Thrym had wanted to marry Freyja in exchange for ---.

returning Thor's hammer

fixing Thor's goat chariot

making Thor a new helmet

stopping the attack on Thor's hall


Question 4 of 5

Loki looked in his spell book and found a spell to make a clone after ---.

asking Georgina for robot-making advice, as she was the best at coding

listening to science fiction podcast about robots that Valerie recommended

learning that humans used robots to do chores such as vacuuming

deciding he wanted to win a school competition for building the best robot


Question 5 of 5

Which of these did Valerie and Georgina tell Loki about his clone?

It was going around school gathering weird things.

It had replaced Thor as captain of the school football team.

The teachers had decided to make it the new head boy.

A funny smell kept wafting out of its school bag.


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Loki: Tales of a Bad God
by Louie Stowell

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