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Marv and the Ultimate Superpower

Question 1 of 3

Marv stopped the Conjurer's shark and spaceships by ---.

blowing bubbles onto them with Pixel's help

sending them into a poster on the wall of the cinema

using Grandad's sunglasses to melt them

reversing the power on the Conjurer's bracelet


Question 2 of 3

Which of these did Grandad tell Marvin about Professor Feather?

He had built a duck-shaped robot that caused a lot of damage around town.

He could fly with a special super-suit he'd made using duck feathers.

He was always surrounded by ducks that seemed to understand him.

He used remote-controlled ducks to steal people's dreams as they slept.


Question 3 of 3

What was something the Conjurer told her little sister about Marv?

"He didn't have to be kind, but he was..."

"He isn't the strongest superhero I have ever met..."

"He helped me use my conjuring powers for good."

"He looked familiar, but I don't know why..."


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Book cover for Marv and the Ultimate Superpower

Marv and the Ultimate Superpower
by Alex Falase-Koya

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