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Marvel’s Avengers the Greatest Heroes

Question 1 of 5

Before Tony Stark became Iron Man, what happened during an explosion?

A piece of shrapnel lodged near his heart

His wife was killed in front of him

The noise of the explosion made him deaf

He was buried beneath fallen metal


Question 2 of 5

What was one thing Wasp eventually did after becoming an Avenger?

She married Hank Pym

She opened an orphanage

She killed Prince T'Challa

She invented Passport Bracelets


Question 3 of 5

Dr Bruce Banner first became Hulk when working on what for the US Army?

An experimental bomb

A type of cure-all medicine

An invisibility serum

A time-travel device


Question 4 of 5

During World War ll, what led to Steve Rogers becoming Captain America?

He wanted to fight for his country but was turned away

He received a message that his wife and son had been killed

He was exposed to radiation on the battlefield

He saved the life of the President when a bomb went off


Question 5 of 5

Which of these happened to Natasha Romanova in the "Black Widow" programme?

False memories were planted in her mind

Her arm was removed and replaced with a robotic one

Mutant-spider DNA was combined with her own

A tracking device was inserted into her neck


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Marvel’s Avengers the Greatest Heroes
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