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Mr. Men Go Camping

Question 1 of 3

What was one thing Mr Strong did before setting off to the campsite?

He repacked Little Miss Splendid's rucksack

He checked Little Miss Splendid and Little Miss Bossy's tent for holes

He tied all the firewood to his back

He took the map away from Mr Grumble


Question 2 of 3

What had Mr Forgetful forgotten to bring on the camping trip?

His tent, which was neatly packed away at home

The food, which he had left behind in the shop

His sleeping bag, so he had to share with Mr Grumble

Matches for the fire, so Mr Strong had to rub sticks together to start one


Question 3 of 3

As Mr Strong settled in his armchair, what did he say to himself?

"Maybe next year, I'll go camping on my own."

"Camping is a lot more tiring than it used to be."

"Perhaps my friends need another holiday - in their own homes."

"I think I'll try camping in the garden next time"


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Book cover for Mr. Men Go Camping

Mr. Men Go Camping
by Adam Hargreaves

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