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My Book About Me By Mr Silly

Question 1 of 3

When Mr Topsy-Turvy read his books, he would---.

Begin with the ending and end with the beginning

Stand on his head to read them

Mix up the words in them to make his own story

Read the odd-numbered pages and then the even-numbered pages


Question 2 of 3

Which of these did Mr Silly put in his book about his friends?

A very short chapter on Mr Busy

A page on how he met Mr Greedy

The words to a song about Mr Happy

A story about Little Miss Magic turning him into a frog


Question 3 of 3

When Mr Silly's friends were inside his book, what was one thing he said?

They would all be famous

He wanted them to draw pictures

They now needed extra-big reading glasses

It had no ending


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Book cover for My Book About Me By Mr Silly

My Book About Me By Mr Silly
by Adam Hargreaves

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