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Nelly the Monster Sitter: Grerks, Squurms & Water Greeps

Question 1 of 5

Why was Nelly uncertain about monster sitting for the Grerks?

She had never baby sat a monster pet before

It was her first overnight job

Glug had eaten his last monster sitter

Never before had she taken a monster into her own home


Question 2 of 5

What did the Squurms tell Nelly about Slop before they left?

He had to win any game he played

He could only sleep with loud music playing

He wasn't very bright

He hated to take baths


Question 3 of 5

What happened to Nelly's socks and trainers while she was playing with Slop?

They were sucked off in the quicksand

The bat that had been holding her upside down flew off with them

He claimed them as his prize for winning and he ate them

He fed them to the shreddas


Question 4 of 5

Where did the Water Greeps live?

On a houseboat just before the cider factory demolition site

On a lake that had formed in an abandoned open-pit copper mine

On an island in the middle of a smelly, squishy bog

In the big swimming pool in the Squurms' back garden


Question 5 of 5

How did Nelly help to solve the bank robbery?

She had Seaview place the three mug shots in a foot spa and look at them

She polished the anchor to show how it might have been used as a mirror

She preserved the shotguns in water mint to preserve the fingerprints

The brought up the mask that had caught on her foot and gave it to PC Plum


Book cover for Nelly the Monster Sitter: Grerks, Squurms & Water Greeps

Nelly the Monster Sitter: Grerks, Squurms & Water Greeps
by Kes Gray

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